The Way of the Mountain

The lessons you don’t learn in school are the ones you most need – how to play the game of life. What are the real rules? Why is it so difficult? What are the right and wrong choices? What are the illusions of right and wrong choices?

the most important part of the game is

the entire game is you
and your relationship to yourself
with all other things

in all your relationships you see yourself

for example
what is the relationship of a cat to a sparrow?
what is the relationship of a tree to a sparrow?
what is the relationship of a sparrow to another sparrow?

the sparrow is always a sparrow
you can’t change the sparrow

the outcome changes
and the relationship changes
because of the character of the other

you’re one half of every outcome
because you are always there

the motion of the entire universe
is rooted in relationships

the first relationship is with yourself

what is happening within you?
this is the foundation

if you’re healthy
if you heal your wounds
you have healthy relationships
and the outcomes are improved

The way of the mountain is the great contest of life

the price of being here is suffering
the universe is filled with arrows
there will always be wounds
there will always be challenges
there will always be obstacles to overcome
the contest is perpetual
and life eats life

that is the foundation you walk on
and when you understand it
you can move in harmony with it

there is more to life than pain
birth brings you into every experience and possibility

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