The Way of the Tree

life is painful

when you become filled with negative emotions
because of the things you want
and can’t have
try wanting
inner peace

the way of the tree
teaches the way to end suffering

trees point towards the forgotten stillness in your center

trees reveal what we’ve lost

For example:

who invented the flavor of oranges, apples and peaches?


The first flowers evolved during the Cretaceous period, about 130 million years
ago, in China, which had no borders back then. This lead to the spread of
flowering trees and the evolution of bees around the world.

bees and trees grew more sophisticated together
through symbiosis, evolution, and mutual arising

how were trees able to participate in mutual arising
without having a brain?

if trees don’t know about teeth, tastebuds, or tummies
why does fruit change from bitter to sweet when it’s ready?
why is it nutritious and good for you?
why is it ready during the right season to be planted?

the tree uses your mouth
to get to your feet

you get the fruit
you spread the seeds

the tree has awareness of others

and the tree shows awareness
by having a relationship with you which the tree created

the tree is Buddha consciousness:
no thought
body awareness

if you look at evolution you can see it in yourself too

the first life was less than a blade of grass
as our bodies grew more sophisticated
they created eyes ears and your mind

how did your body begin to create a brain
without having a brain to invent it?

you are star dust
the universe is in you and around you

your body is a temple of wisdom
connected to the universe
much deeper than thought

the patterns of the universe
are in you and around you

the way of the tree
is the path of removing all the illusions
and obstacles
in your mind

when you peel away all the layers and illusions created by thoughts
when you peel away distractions, opinions, and beliefs
you discover the awareness within you that’s been lost


to heal the old wounds and let go of pain
you must look within

this puts you on the path to self awareness

as you peel away the layers within
to bring yourself closer to the center
you peel away attachment to suffering

if you go deep enough you can find enlightenment
the still center

“no pain” is only a fraction of what you can find
in the deepest parts of yourself

the way of the tree teaches the path to no suffering

pain is the motivation
which puts you on the path to find the center of yourself

it begins with contemplation of yourself

self-awareness reveals inner truths

inner truth is the path towards universal awareness

universal awareness comes
when you discover the still center of yourself

you’re  a rain drop in the sea

the  only obstacles are WITHIN YOU
because of this everyone can go there

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