SPACE, TIME, ASTROLOGY, RELIGION, and SCIENCE    In the golden age before writing, when all things were memorized, brilliant minds were at work on the numbers we use today to tell time. The mathematical… Continue reading

enemies elevate you

It’s obvious that enemies cause troubles. It’s less obvious that they improve your life. When you understand the greater purpose of enemies you can move in harmony with those difficult events. In 1969,… Continue reading

S T A R S part II ( of IV ) religion and the sacred numbers of time

SPACE, TIME, ASTROLOGY, RELIGION, and SCIENCE What do the Vikings, Christians, Hindus, Chinese, and ancient Babylonians have in common? The numbers we use to tell time, 12 and 60, are rooted in some… Continue reading

what is the occupation of a cat?

Everyone has the natural ability to face the problems they are born to solve. A cat is born with a natural ability to be a perfect cat. You are born with a natural… Continue reading

S T A R S part III ( of IV ) science and the message from your ancestors

  SPACE,  TIME, ASTROLOGY, RELIGION, AND SCIENCE Thousands of years before the invention of telescopes and technology our ancestors discovered the precise motions of earth in relation to the sun and stars. The… Continue reading

S T A R S part IV (of IV) where you are

 SPACE, TIME, ASTROLOGY, RELIGION, and SCIENCE   Where you are in life is directly related to where “we” are in life. If you lived in ancient Egypt for example your beliefs and opinions would… Continue reading

99 red balloons and a world without helium

If helium goes up and never comes down where does it come from? The U.S. Federal Helium Reserve  of course. But like many other fossil fuels the world is being depleted of helium and… Continue reading

stoned and Tripping

Pebbles and boulders skate across the desert floor in Death Valley, California, while no one is watching. They move in loops and lines across a landscape as flat as a pancake. Why? because… Continue reading