religion and reality – part I – God and Galileo

 Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa, Italy. One day it came to his attention that there was a problem in the sky which needed to be straightened out. This eye for detail eventual… Continue reading

know what you’re looking for

you’re looking for a healthy mind body and spirit but the world is distracted by appearance and because of this everyone is taught to be distracted What does a healthy spirit look like?… Continue reading

Lake Vostok: warm water at the south pole

You might expect a Russian Ice station to be on the North pole, but they built it at the South Pole. And they built over a lake full of water. One of the… Continue reading

kayak the Congo river

A few years ago a museum curator took a team of researchers on a fact finding expedition to Africa. When they got there they kayaked the Congo. Was Indiana Jones the curator? Melanie… Continue reading

religion and reality – part II – commands and character

Do you hold your breath 6 nights a week then breathe on the seventh day? When religion is not in harmony with reality then you live two separate lives But you are not… Continue reading

free will and destiny

the cat can choose to hunt here or there sleep and wake when he wants be busy or do nothing but he will always be cat and do the occupation of a cat… Continue reading

the lyrics of John Lennon hold many life lessons

  Lennon was born near the beginning of World War II. He was abandoned by both parents by the age of four and raised by his Aunt Mimi. He said Elvis is the… Continue reading

penis and weiner – good government is a good show

Two elected officials, ANTHONY WEINER AND NANCY PELOSI, met at a party one night…. Actually it was more like a political party. And it wasn’t so much a party as a house committee… Continue reading

the great wheel of thought and emotion – you have a choice about the direction you go

its very clear that your emotions are one of the most powerful things in your life they are very difficult to change because they come from a deeper part of you your thoughts… Continue reading

good and evil

what makes the cat purr? the cat wants what you want love food meaning and life the cat wants to eat but not be eaten but the cat is a hunter who has mastered… Continue reading

global warming – part I – a logical look at climate change

In this post we’ll look at the history of the temperature on Earth over 4 billion years. And the patterns of global warming and global cooling to see if we cause climate change… Continue reading

conflict and harmony – and the way to find meaning in life

harmony isn’t the absence of conflict sharks eagles and lions move in perpetual conflict with others and perpetual harmony with all of nature they’re motivated by necessity to be in harmony means to… Continue reading

blame and illusion – the source of 10,000 problems which don’t exist

everyone knows the person who causes misery to others: the squirrel runs through the branches of the tree spreading information and gossip the information seems to help you understand yourself and make better… Continue reading

thought and suffering – much of your suffering is caused by problems you don’t have

if the dolphin listens to the opinion of the sparrow and the dolphin agrees to dislike the cat a small wound opens in the dolphin where is the wound? in the mind the cat will never cause… Continue reading

global warming – part II – a history of crises, change, and natural cycles on Earth

Many people wonder how much damage we’re causing on earth and this leads to doubts that our actions, inventions and activities  fit into the natural cycles of the world. In this post we’ll… Continue reading

emotion and universal truths – why the rest of the world doesn’t behave the way you expect

“we don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are” – Anais Nin There are truths within you and there are universal truths. They are not the same. And… Continue reading

global warming – part III – the carbon cycle

The first thing to understand about carbon dioxide is that it isn’t pollution. It’s plant food. Plants eat carbon dioxide and poo oxygen. Carbon dioxide is an essential ingredient in our atmosphere.  The issue… Continue reading

words create illusions / action is truth – who put these thoughts in your head?

The way to a better life is to know yourself. This means you need to peel away the layers of thought which distract you from seeing yourself. In this post we’ll look at… Continue reading

the real Sherlock was a doctor, Watson

A long time ago, in city far away, a future author named Arthur Conan Doyle went to medical school at the University of Edinburgh. In his second year he became an assistant to Dr. Joseph Bell. The doctor assessed patients in the same way a… Continue reading

opposites complete you and judgment is meaningless ~ the universal necessity for differences

How do they complete you? By completing the universe. The motions of the world, and all of life, flow in a balance of opposites. There are pairs of opposites and multiples of opposites for… Continue reading