the illusion of comfort and security

the cheetah teaches the gazelle to run faster the gazelle teaches the cheetah to run faster if both are running faster maybe this seems like nothing is happening but everything is happening all… Continue reading

Reasons life is becoming more difficult – Part 2 – Words

some of the most powerful wounds in life come from the thoughts in your head judgment blame and complaint think about the way you feel when others speak these words against you the… Continue reading

Reasons life is becoming more difficult – Part 1 – Wounds

those who move in natural ways are good examples to watch when you try to heal yourself why do they move in natural ways? because they’re childlike in awareness and healthy in spirit… Continue reading

science and religion

Thot was the Egyptian god of science and wisdom If there were gods for science in the past then the separation of reality and belief is a new idea in the world. they… Continue reading

if money is the root of all evil

if money is the root of all evil then the life of a banker is opposite to a spiritual life right? wrong when you follow fascination you move in harmony with your spirit … Continue reading

everything is possible

four billion steps to a written language four billion steps to build a pyramid four billion steps to walk to the moon was there life on the day the universe was born? fourteen… Continue reading

creation and destruction – can you build without cutting wood or stone?

if you wish to understand the tiger watch yourself for a day eating sleeping and giving birth the tiger is what she appears to be the beautiful and terrible reflection in the pond… Continue reading

not all weaknesses are weak

not all flaws are flaws not all weaknesses are weak the question is does it move against you or does it move in harmony with you? for example procrastination is helpful to some… Continue reading

follow your fascination

snake sparrow spider baker banker barber mother merchant mover everyone can be a perfect student the moment you’re fascinated you become a perfect student the cat is a perfect cat because the cat… Continue reading

yes, everyone has blindness, but why?

when Buddha reached nirvana he said he was awake if he was the first one to wake what does that imply about all others in the world? blindness is ancient it fills all… Continue reading


pride tells you you’re more important than a blade of grass but wisdom tells you grass can live without you and you can’t live without grass every stone in the pyramid completes the… Continue reading

your life follows the patterns of the universe

A PERSON IS LIKE AN EMPIRE like a child, the young empire is curious and the king loves the grass then grows bold and goes into battle and takes what he needs as… Continue reading

e e cummings – somewhere i have never traveled, gladly beyond

somewhere i have never traveled, gladly beyond any experience, your eyes have their silence: in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me, or which i cannot touch because they are too… Continue reading

the butterfly – natures magician

Insects and ickyness seem inevitably intertwined but you know it’s not so for butterflies. They somehow look likeable – even as caterpillars they could be your friends. But more mysterious than the fact that… Continue reading

three steps to find what you’re looking for

you want it and the other doesn’t want to let go of it you pull and the other pulls in reply you pull harder so the other pulls harder maybe it’s a toy… Continue reading

the way of water

the stars shift the water moves seven billion feet take a step in seven billion directions when the door of destiny comes into alignment with the path it opens you don’t cause it to happen you do… Continue reading

A look back at Galileo, Jupiter, and imagination

32 years ago this month an interesting article appeared in Star and Sky magazine called The Europa Enigma, by Richard Hoagland. It was written a few short months after Voyager I took photographs… Continue reading

a glimpse at connection

sometimes it seems that the outcome is unfair because what “i want” seems to be more important than what others want “i want…” sees you and rarely looks beyond you the cat behaves… Continue reading

you make it happen to yourself

yes                  no pessimism     optimism curiosity        judgment blame            co-operation every thought is a small step towards something with every step towards something the something grows in size which seeds grow… Continue reading

Plaza de Inquisición, by Earle Birney

A spider’s body limp and hairy appeared at the bottom of my coffee The waiter being Castilian said passionately nothing and why indeed should apologies be made to me It was I who… Continue reading