The Boston Bombing – something shifted in the country that day

“We had illegal sweeps, searches, and seizures. We had police going door to door with guns drawn”. There has been a sense of fear that is prevalent in what we do now. And… Continue reading

Chapter 7 – the purpose of life – from Breakfast of Champions, By Kurt Vonnegut

Vonnegut began his career as an underground writer of clever naughty literature passed around by word of mouth in the 60’s and 70’s. But it was much more than that: he dropped grand… Continue reading

simplicity and satisfaction – the way of water

Moving like water reduces life to happy simplicity while at the same time moving towards maximum satisfaction. The keys 1) let go 2) be true to yourself 3) practice self improvement 4) move… Continue reading


then he saw the wisdom of her choice. she left no lingering hope. no long lasting doubt as to whether the outcome could or should be changed. but why should lovers not kill… Continue reading

maybe they got the answer right

it’s no mystery that Muslims and Christians have a history of violent missions against other religions. The mystery is ~ why don’t Buddhists do it too?

Press Release on terrorism – the World Trade Center confession – six years ago today

When Kalid Sheikh Mohammad confessed to planning and executing the 911 attack on the World Trade Center no one seemed to notice. ======================        ======================== Recorder – do you swear to affirm that you… Continue reading

the accurate prediction of the end of times

In the final fatal battle with the wolf the vikings predicted the death of their gods. And therein lies the clue to interpreting the prophesies of the end of the world ~ Odin,… Continue reading

Daddy, by Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath committed suicide 50 years ago today, at the age of 30. She wrote this poem about her father who died when she was 8 ~ and described him as “a bag… Continue reading

pale blue dot, by Carl Sagan (happy valentines day from the universe)

In December, 1968, Apollo 8 was the first manned spaceship to orbit the moon but the photographs taken by  Astronaut William A. Anders are more famous than the flight itself. It was the… Continue reading

Appearance and Truth – Who are you?

You probably formulate your appearance so that you get what you want and move towards a better life. But appearance is a painted eggshell – an illusion created for others. The truth of… Continue reading

how to explain climate change with pure logic at a dinner party in two minutes

Some say yes, and some say no, to a man-made influence on global warming but everyone has the ability to look at this puzzle with logic and remove confusion quite easily. Here then… Continue reading

did you hear that?

examine insults, judgment, rules, and beliefs then observe very young children and you discover that you didn’t doubt yourself until someone taught it as an idea to you. suffering is natural. but words… Continue reading

The United Nations, taxation of personal property, and the 21st century

In May of this year two states, Kansas and Alabama, passed legislation to protect themselves against a United Nations sustainability program enacted 20 years ago. The fact that two states decided that they… Continue reading

Obama and Guantanamo – changing the law to prevent an election promise from coming true

In 2007 Guantanamo Bay detention camp became big news in the torture business and the press pressed for closure of those base activities. In a grand scheme called CHANGE presidential hopeful Barrack Obama… Continue reading

One small motivation for man, one giant leap for mankind

In 1969, when Neil Armstrong took a “small step” on the moon, the decade was an ocean of trouble for the United States. The sixties hosted three assassinations: two Kennedy brothers, and Martin Luther… Continue reading

learning is unlearning

When a lesson is learned a change is made to thoughts and actions. If no change is made within no lesson has been learned even when you remember it well

appearance and truth – what is self improvement?

you can laugh for a moment even when you have great misery you can feel great sorrow when you  have great assets does wealth remove sorrow when your loved ones die? do clean clothes remove the deep… Continue reading

Losing your natural self

those who move in natural ways  are good examples to watch when you try to heal yourself   the natural ones are like rain and sunlight they make life easier for everyone   in all the world they’re the… Continue reading

War on drugs – Part V – Classical economics: the law of supply and demand

“When we arrested a drug dealer all we were doing was creating a job opening for another drug dealer because there was so much money involved. There was no reduction in crime or… Continue reading

Bruschetta flat bread sandwiches

Bruschetta is an antipasto, which means before the meal,  but the same ingredients and flavors make an ideal meal too. It’s easy, yummy, and perfect for warm summer days. . 2 pieces of… Continue reading