the importance of satisfaction

satisfaction begins with the basic fundamental aspects of life: sex and food without one you would not be born without the other you will die you crave it because its essential your mind… Continue reading

perspectives on envy

do you sometimes laugh or smile when you feel pain? do you show confidence when you feel doubt? do you hide weaknesses by pretending to be strong? why do you think others don’t… Continue reading

the world changes when you change – extreme suffering and the way to a better life

if you’ve never had a good life then what does it really mean? how to get there? where to begin? you don’t need to know where you’re going you just need to understand… Continue reading

fear of change

as you learn the lessons of life and change your thoughts choices and actions are you still you? yes when you have a broken arm are you still you? yes and yet life… Continue reading


John Lennon said “yes is the answer and you know that for sure.” Most people think he said love or peace is the answer and yes, he said those things too, but “yes”… Continue reading

the voice of your spirit

liking is the voice of your spirit    the desire to do something reveals a truth about you    the cat likes to hunt the bird likes to fly  the dolphin dances in the waves the… Continue reading

inner truth

when you become lost always your clever mind has lead you there your body is never lost your body led you here to become king of the world the master of mastering difficulties… Continue reading

yoga, aikido, and tai-chi

practice the perfect motions of your body which unblock the obstacles within you let your energy flow within contemplate the higher teachings within the motions of these arts the contemplation is the way to inner… Continue reading

one of the answers which will always be true

if you’re looking for a better life less pain or a higher understanding of yourself then it’s helpful to understand the simple foundation at the root of all you do UNIVERSAL TRUTH the… Continue reading

am i blue? by Alice Walker

The following short story was banned in 1994 by the California School Board for an unusual reason; it was said to be “anti-meat eating” and inappropriate to 10th graders for implying an alternate… Continue reading

appearance and illusion – words and you

look at the waves and the waves upon the waves and the ripples riding the waves all that from a wind from the way words walk into your ears and cause storms but… Continue reading

a little taste of inner peace

The highest spiritual teaching says “let go” of all attachment and you move towards inner peace. Which ultimately means let go of the character you play. The “I am (insert your name).” Then,… Continue reading

lost or confused and what to do

the first thing to understand is the source of confusion ten thousand years ago the rituals of the community were the ancient way of knowing your place in the world and the right course… Continue reading

Self awareness and universal awareness (Twig People and Forest People)

“The vast majority are currently Twig People and this is why we got into this mess. The few – though gathering in number – are Forest People. By that I mean this: Twig… Continue reading


the masters of the arts reveal the deep sea beneath the waves around us when autumn comes to the great cycle of the seasons everyone speaks of color not depth when everyone speaks… Continue reading


conflict begins within trying to change others is a source of conflict can you end the conflicts around you without ending the conflict within you? are you at peace with yourself? when you’re at… Continue reading

The way to a better life in one paragraph

Life is painful. The pain is your motivation to make changes. If you want to end your pain don’t avoid feeling your pain. Think about your suffering and what caused it. Contemplate the… Continue reading

should you keep suffering because those close to you choose to?

often when you try to improve yourself those around you resist the changes why do they resist? because if you change they too must change and change is difficult if others refuse to improve… Continue reading

ten million lawyers with lawsuits can’t erase simple truths with layers of language

The voice-less rabbit knows more of healing than many educated minds. If he escapes the teeth he won’t wait for the coyote to become a doctor and return to mend the wounds with… Continue reading

Optimism or pessimism ~ which is closer to reality and why it matters

Life is painful and always will be. No pessimist will disagree. But they might be surprised to know that every optimist will also agree because everyone has pain and suffering. EVERYONE. So the… Continue reading