Emotions – and the purpose of suffering

there are two sources of pain:
and unhealed wounds

wounds happen in a instant
therefore most of the pain within you
is held in unhealed wounds


the way you give pain to yourself

when you touch a flame the pain isn’t caused by the flame
it’s caused by your nerves
it’s a message from your body – stop doing it

if your nerves didn’t give you the message called pain
you could hold your finger there until it disappeared

this reveals two things about pain:
1 – it’s not caused by the flame – you’re the source of it
2 – it’s a positive message from you to you – it tells you the way to be healthy and stay healthy

pains seems like a negative message for several reasons
through judgment blame and complaint
we tell each other that pain is a negative problem
and it hurts – pain feels negative so it’s easy to believe that the message is also negative

these thoughts cause distractions which prevent you from seeing the real message:
pain is helping you

emotion holds the same messages as your physical senses
it tells you how to be healthy
(pull your finger out of the flame!)

emotion doesn’t tell you to change the world around you
it tells you to change yourself – to change your own thoughts and ways

when the flame burns you, do you ask the flame to stop being a flame?
no. you pull your finger from the flame: you change your own actions

when you ask others to change
you’re actually in a battle against yourself:
because your heart and spirit don’t expect others to change their nature
just as  your body doesn’t expect the flame to change it’s nature

when your emotions give you pain
they’re asking you to learn the lesson
and make changes to your self (thoughts, choices, and actions)

the push from pain
is a message from  you
to you

when you refuse to make the changes to yourself
you hold yourself to suffering

because you’re in a battle against inner truths

compare this to your body:
if you refused to pull your finger from the flame
you would be in a battle with your nerve endings
– your body continues to give you pain until you stop doing the incorrect actions –

the wound continues to hurt until you are healed
that is the reason you have emotional pain

you have not healed your wounds

when you hold pain
you are in a battle against yourself

when your pain continues
your body is telling you that you still have a wound that needs to be healed

the same is true for  your emotions

when you repeat the old pattern of thoughts
you keep the pain
you don’t heal the wound

the purpose of pain is to teach lessons

your body is the teacher
your mind is the student



the purpose of all pain is to teach you lessons about yourself

pain teaches you self improvement

life is a contest
every time it hurts you have learned a lesson

four billion years of life is four billion years of wounds
and your body has learned some lessons

  1. how to make better choices
  2. how to heal

when your arm is broken everything is more difficult
therefore the best course of action is healing

let your mind imitate the lesson your body teaches:
heal the emotional wounds
then life becomes less difficult

carry the lesson towards tomorrow so that you make better choices in the future

blame is the most common way you avoid self improvement

what will happen if the wounded antelope expects the lion to become a doctor?

you dont blame the flame for burning your finger
dont blame the lion for being a lion

you can’t change the lion

Instead ask these questions:

  1. how do I heal the wound?
  2. what did I learn about myself?

which means:
what can you improve about yourself to help yourself
in the struggle against the lion?

blame distracts you from healing
it distracts you from learning lessons about yourself
it distracts you from making changes to  yourself and and healing yourself

so don’t look for blame
look for the lessons about life
and the ways to heal yourself
so that you can be healthy again

suffering is motivation and a teacher
it always points in only one direction:
self improvement (self awareness)

when you listen to yourself
and change your thoughts and actions
your body stops giving you pain

when you avoid healing your heart and mind (blame and other negative useless patterns)
you give pain to yourself
because you have decided to keep the wounds

if you have endless pain
this means you don’t listen to inner truth
you don’t do what inner truth asks you to do

end your suffering
listen to yourself (what is the pain asking you to do?)

heal the wounds

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