if the lion eats grass and drinks water
the lion feels full

but gets no satisfaction

the meaning of life

when you chase distractions
you eat grass

when you eat grass hunger never ends

and misery are growing

when the lion is constantly hungry
the lion becomes dangerous

this is what you become
when don’t look for the truth about yourself

canadian wilderness

the biggest source of disconnect
is created by the wounds within you
and beliefs which don’t move in harmony with reality

the purpose of contemplating yourself
is to remove the illusions

for example
when the lamb makes rules for a lion
the lion becomes disconnected

he eats grass
becomes constantly hungry
and constantly dangerous

he becomes motivated by inner conflict
and no longer knows the difference between right and wrong

the lamb makes rules so that life will be nicer for everyone
but these false moralities increase the dangers for everyone

and they don’t change the nature of the universe

the universe will always be dangerous
and everyone will be wounded by life

this means judgment is not the right answer

what is?
you don’t need to change the world
you need to learn how to heal the wounds it gives you

west coast of Canada

many think that the love of god rescues you

many think the love of others
the love of family and friends
is the love which rescues you

and heals you

if so why do you still have hunger?
why do you still have pain?
why do you have self-doubt?

if you find love from others
and not the love yourself
you still feel the disconnect

if you find love from others
and don’t heal yourself
you still feel the disconnect

what do you truly need?

grass lands and wooded areas

A) be true to yourself – always speak the truth to yourself about yourself
(when you obey illusions you feel disconnect)

B) heal yourself within
(when the pain is constant it means you don’t listen to inner truth)

B) find the love of yourself
(when you’re not a peace with yourself you feel a disconnect)

D) find an occupation which moves in harmony with your character
(when you dislike your occupation you feel disconnected from yourself)

E) choose a belief system which moves in harmony with reality
(when you say no to any part of the universe you feel a disconnect)

the purpose of religion is to explain the mystery
so that you can move in harmony with it

reality is the mystery
the universe is reality

when religious answers are in conflict with reality
you are in conflict with yourself
and you become disconnected

a small child is not disconnected
because the child has not been distracted by illusions

Florida Everglades

being true to yourself is the only way to find inner peace:
this is true for the lion
and the lamb

and as you can see
these inner truths are not the same
and because of this judgment can’t help you

to be true to yourself
you must remove all the illusions you’ve been taught

always speak the truth to yourself about yourself

satisfaction comes from meaningful thoughts choices and actions

meaningful means
meaningful to you:
you alone can find
and understand the things which fill you

the right occupation fills you
the same way an apple fills you
tomorrow you have the strength and desire to eat it again

the wrong occupation is like eating dirt
tomorrow you don’t have the strength or desire to do it again
–  you force yourself to feel misery

there is no disconnect between daily activities ( reality )
and spiritual matters

satisfaction moves in harmony with practical matters:
your spirit is deeply connected to the daily activities of life

nature is not disconnected

disconnect is an illusion created by your mind

Northern Canada Baffin Bay

you begin to find answers by asking these questions:
“what do I like?”

What do I dislike?”

the dolphin likes waves
the eagle likes wind
the tree likes rain

what are the truths about you?

listen to yourself
and don’t pass judgment against your answers

as you answer the questions within
you find 10,000 more

the journey of life is long
and finding yourself is a long journey too
so coincidentally this fits well with the journey of life

the truth you’re looking for
is the truth about you

the answers are in the deepest places

on every step of your journey through life
look within