what’s in it for a blade of grass? 

the meaning of life

the first wonder is the ‘origin’ of the first life

and the first life
gave birth to all life on earth

which brings us to the second great mystery about life:

how did the first life know the way to give birth
to the second life?

science tells us that birth is instinct

you know how to give birth
because the pattern comes from your parents

this answers the mystery of every birth
except the first one

who showed her the way?
how did she know it was important?

if she didn’t do it
none of us would be here

what is the meaning of life?

this leads to a questions about awareness

if vegetation has no awareness
why do trees make fruit?

fruit is made for mouths

how does a tree know there are mouths
who can eat the fruit and spread the seeds?

the first life
and the tree
show the same awareness

they know things
which seem impossible for them to know

and they have no thoughts to hold that awareness

how to find the meaning of life

the wisdom of the universe is in your body

for example:
how did your body know to create your eyes
when you were still blind
how did you know there would be light to be seen?
how did your body begin to create your brain, without having a brain to think of it?
and your ears before you heard a sound?

the first life
was less than a blade of grass
and she gave birth to all life

was the first life meaningful?

is a blade of grass meaningful?

is a spider meaningful?

the meaning of life began
with the smallest
least sophisticated life in the universe

life is meaningful

the first life 

find the meaning of life

when you look for the meaning of life in comparison to people
this is the reason you can’t find it

ask instead:
what is the meaning of a blade of grass
and you’ll be much closer to seeing

if the first life understood that life is so meaningful
that it needed to give birth to more life
then all of life still holds the meaning of life

including you

the difference between you
and most other life
is in your thoughts

your thoughts interfere with the deeper truths within you
because your thoughts are loud
and the deeper truths are subtle

this is what the teachers tell you to look for
when they say to calm your thoughts
and find the stillness within

the way to find deeper truths is to look within

universal awareness is within you and around you



purpose and meaning the truth you discover in the center of yourself
Buddha called enlightenment
the way of the tree

Lao Tse called it the Tao
the way of water

they are different names for the same mystery

you’re like a drop of rain in the ocean
separation is the illusion
which leads to action
which leads to evolution
which leads to enlightenment
which leads back to the center

what is the meaning of life