self awareness and universal awareness – finding the truth within you and beyond

if you know who you are
then you have a much better chance of being happy
because you can make the choices which lead in the right direction for you

you can find
truth in two places

within yourself in the deepest places (self awareness)
and beyond yourself (universal awareness)


it begins with very easy questions:
what do i like?
what do i dislike?

the dolphin loves waves
the eagle loves wind

you should always be moving towards the things you enjoy
because they reveal inner truths about you
and your natural talents and abilities are found in that direction

what you like and dislike about the world
points you in the right direction
and pushes you away from the wrong directions

as you begin to discover like and dislike
contemplate your self
contemplate your pain

as you discover truths about yourself you’ll come to more questions
answer all and you’ll have perfect self awareness

self awareness is painful to achieve
because when you look within yourself
much of the truth is found in things you don’t want to see

listen to what others say about you
and discover truths about yourself
that others see

listen to yourself
and discover truths about yourself

when you face the pain within
you face the truth within

have the courage to swallow these painful discoveries about yourself
and you can begin to heal
then move forward to the next obstacle

what will happen if you meet and overcome every obstacle within yourself?

if you heal each pain as you come to it
eventually all your wounds will be healed
and you will no longer feel a great blanket of pain within

the most important part of you is in the deepest places


to look beyond yourself (with complete detachment)
what you like and dislike about the world is irrelevant

for example:
where is the flaw in a cat?

a cat is perfect

can the sparrow see this?

does a sparrow look for the meaning and purpose of a cat
or does the sparrow see “me and my suffering”
and the blame for “my suffering”

it’s important to know what you like
so that you can make the right choices in your own life

but it’s important to ignore what you like (and dislike)
when you try to understand others
because everyone is unique
and you can’t understand the world if you pass judgment against any part of it

ask questions and try to understand all things

the universe is a giant puzzle and every piece fits
because all are born in mutual arising

like the sparrow
to see truth, you must let go of all judgment:
true the cat is the enemy –  but the cat moves in perfect harmony with nature
so obviously it belongs here
– why does the cat exist?

look at the world with pure curiosity in the way of a child

curiosity imagination playfulness and flexibility
are your natural virtues

a child doesn’t judge until you teach judgment

the answers to the mysteries of life come to you
only when your mind is completely open

a child is flexible ready and open for the truth
an adult blocks the truth by clinging to belief, judgment, and pride

so the obstacles around you
point to the obstacles within you

the journey is inward and outward simultaneously
what are the obstacles within you
that prevent you from seeing?

the obstacles are simple:
1) it’s difficult and painful to look deeply at yourself
2) to look beyond yourself you need to ignore yourself completely

this journey of decades is not too long for one simple reason
life is also a journey of decades
do you have something better to do than to find yourself?

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