Children – and the patterns of your life

think of your childhood
and what is within you today

where did your thoughts and emotions come from?

children learn by imitation

doing is teaching
imitation is learning

every child learns this way:
they do what you do

when you hide your troubles
you hide what can’t be hidden from the child 

for example:
if the father is unfaithful to his wife
he gives pain to the one he loves

the child doesn’t see his father kiss the other woman

and yet when the child becomes an adult
he becomes unfaithful to his wife

how did the child learn to imitate an action he couldn’t see?

the child understands you in the deepest places
where thoughts don’t go

the subtle clues are everywhere
and the child feels it

when he imitates
he won’t know the reason
but the reason is simple:

doing is teaching
imitation is learning

this is not a judgment of right and wrong action
it’s a question about the wounds within you

every wound you have
and the pain you feel from it
goes from one generation to the next
in the deepest places

look inside yourself

how do you feel?
what do you hide?

this is what you teach

its not simple
to change the actions which harm you
if it were
you would

you are the most powerful teacher your children have
but the power is in your actions
not your voice

you can say 10,000 useful things to your children
but the words have the strength of the wind
and your actions have the depth of the sea

because of this all improvements begin within

when you practice self-improvement
your children practice self-improvement

doing is teachingwhen your arm is broken
every part of life is more difficult

when your heart and mind are wounded
every part of life is more difficult

to improve your life
heal your deepest wounds

to improve the lives of your children
heal your deepest wounds

if you stop doing the harmful actions
but you don’t heal the wounds which cause it

you teach your children not to heal their wounds

you teach them to keep the pain (and hide it)

learn by imitation

healing your wounds is two steps from one action
you improve your life
and teach your children the same lesson

healing the wounds within you
is the most powerful thing can do in your life time

it opens the door to everything