This blog is a little slice from assorted sections of life. As random as these random thoughts might seem there is a thread of a theme. It’s the adventure of life. Written from three perspectives. A good life can be meaningful and practical at the same time. It can improve while at the same time answering all the tasks involved in daily necessities. The best path for you is decided by your natural character. The answers are within you, the adventure unfolds around you, and the way to move in harmony with the world is to move in harmony with yourself.

Life is an endless adventure and the only thing we each have in common is suffering.

We cover the great and the small with an emphasis on how to reduce your suffering and break through illusions to find happiness. If you’re looking for a quick answer read The purpose of pain and discover the simple reasons you have it. If you can learn to heal your pain then you can learn to have a better life because the fundamental ways to a better life begin within ~ and that is exactly where you must look to heal old wounds. If you can learn to heal your wounds on the way to better life then maybe you can have an excellent adventure.

Joseph Campbell said,“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure”

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The way of the mountain is the journey everyone is born to. It’s the great contest of life. If you’re bold and optimistic the mountain holds games of adventure and challenges that you probably enjoy. This section explains basic lessons about life and gives tips on ways to improve outcomes and personal satisfaction.

The way of the tree is the way to heal your wounds in the deepest places. It’s the way to inner peace, a higher understanding of yourself, and the forces within you. If you have too much pain or suffering this is the way to heal. It wakes you to inner truths and helps you find your connection with the universe.

The way of water is the way of simplicity, luck, satisfaction, and meaning. It’s the path of being true to yourself and it’s the easiest way through life. But it’s difficult to master because you need to open your hands and let go of all that you cling to. If you’re shy, or timid, or you let others go ahead of you, this is a natural fit for you. Instead of interfering with the outcome, or competing directly against others (the way of the mountain), you learn to “let go” and let the natural motions around you open the doors when they’re ready to open.

Self awareness is the best way to discover the best choices in life for you. If you go far enough along the path of self awareness you come to spiritual awareness because both these things are happening within you. This not only brings inner peace as you pass through the unpredictable events of life, it also explains the purpose of suffering so that you can be in harmony with it. If you can understand the reasons for the most painful parts of life then you’re ready for everything.

Spiritual awareness is a higher level of self awareness. The purpose of spirituality is to teach the way to become a well balanced, sane person, with the ability to move in harmony with reality. If spirituality doesn’t explain reality then it has failed. Reality is the mystery. Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here. And specifically who are you? What is the purpose and meaning of your life?

On any path you take, you’re always on the mountain. The contest is perpetual. With self awareness you can find the best way to go through it – the best way for you. The answers are different for everyone. Everyone is one piece in the giant puzzle. Everyone is unique, and everyone fits.

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