How to think outside the box

Can you get outside the box without knowing the boundaries and how you came to be restrained there. What is the box?

Every child is born outside the box into a universe full of possibilities.
The child is then filled with opinions (from others).
Two box walls are built..
The child is given rules to obey..
Two box walls are built.
The child is given beliefs to follow..
The floor and the ceiling are put in place.

Judgment is the heavy rope to tie the box together. As you step outside the box judgment rises up to force you to return there. You receive judgments from others or give judgments to yourself. (fear / self doubt) When the box is complete the child is ready to become an adult. Having been indoctrinated by being told what to think and how to think.
These invisible boundaries have been put in your mind by others.

A child is born with four natural virtues.
Curiosity. Imagination. Flexibility and playfulness.
These virtues have the potential to discover the answer to every question and to solve all problems in your life. (A child is a perfect student. An adult can be one too)
The four virtues also hold you to the joyful aspects of life.

Opinion. Rules. Beliefs. Judgment.
Playfulness. Imagination. Flexibility. Curiosity.

Did you notice that judgment is the opposite of learning? The mind is closed. Curiosity is absent. The decision to reject the new idea is made before the new idea is presented.

Remain within the boundaries
practice your natural virtues. Without boundaries. As a child does.

Watch the way young children behave. The box does not exist. Simple is it not?
That person once was you.

Its your mind. And the choice is yours.

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