reality and negative thought

life is painful
its easy to have negative thoughts about the sources of pain in life

but negative thought doesnt connect you to reality
in fact it does the opposite

for example:
the lion is a killer
and the wildebeest is a constant victim of those attacks

the wildebeest might pray daily to destroy the lion or make it disappear
but the next day the lion comes again
and always will

so negative thought (judgment) is not connected to reality
and it does not solve the problem

the opposite of negative thought is curiosity

why does the lion exist?
what purpose does it serve?

all of life is teaching self improvement
to all of life
(yes the answer is that simple)

the contest of life is extremely painful and difficult
but you would not be you
without the 4 billion years of evolution behind us

how much of that evolution and self improvement was forced on us and motivated by our enemies?
maybe the lion taught us to climb trees
maybe we owe our fingers and hands to the lion

what would your life be like without fingers?

sometimes it takes years or decades to see and understand the positive outcome
of a painful experience

notice also that you would not exist
if the dinosaurs didnt become extinct because of a massive catastrophe

so time reveals that all things have a purpose

enemies are some of our greatest teachers
and the proper response to a great teacher is to find the lesson
and have respect for those lessons
and the teacher
no matter who the teacher is

when you have respect for the teacher you accept the lesson
when you have negative thought
you reject the lesson

self improvement is the only way towards a better life

and the only way to self improvement
is to accept the lessons
and to look for the lessons

when you see this
you can see that every difficulty in life leads towards a positive outcome
and time reveals it

positive thought does not ignore the painful truths in life
it does the opposite
it asks questions
it tries to comprehend everything

when you have negative thought
you prevent yourself from seeing, learning, and becoming your best self

the universe has never stopped changing and evolving

self awareness and self improvement connect you to reality

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