another taste of inner peace

is not the absence of conflict

and panthers
are a constant source of conflict
and they are also in harmony with all of nature

a peaceful mind does not guarantee a peaceful life
every fish followed by a shark can find conflict

one of the paths to serenity
is to swallow the unkind truths about the world
and yourself

life eats life

conflict is natural

defending your body
is natural

this is the reason monks created the martial arts

to be at peace with the cruelties of life is one of the goals of inner peace

to get there you must swallow the unkind truths
not ignore them

great white shark


learning the truth about the world is painful

learning the truth within yourself is also painful

if you turn away from painful truths
you resist reality
and you can never be in harmony with the world
because you have refused to understand it

after you swallow a truth
and face the pain of understanding it
you will come to be at peace with it over time

then you can swallow another

harmony means
not resisting the ways of the universe

to swallow the unkind truths about yourself
puts you on the path to self awareness

which puts you on the path to inner peace
(the only peace there is)

to get to inner peace
you must end inner conflict

end inner conflict
by practicing self awareness

try to discover every truth about yourself
then change your thoughts and behavior to fit your inner truths

in other words you will discard the illusions you have been taught
(the source of all inner conflict)

the end of inner conflict
is the beginning of inner peace

after you enter serenity
you will have no desire to begin conflict with others
because your heart and mind will be satisfied

you will not be a source of conflict
but you will accept that the world will always be filled with it

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