when next you’re knocked to the ground fix yourself with the face of a flounder and carry on

Why does a flounder flounder and why so aptly named?. In its natural habitat, not in isle five nicely packaged, the most obvious features featured are its eyes. Yes eyes. Which in a grocery store are nowhere to be seen. They very much google like the eyes of a cartoon character not fixed properly to the head. Why so? Because you see the flounder was once as upright as an angel fish with fins from north to south; the sky being poetically licensed to the north in this news report from the three dimensional sea. One day it flopped over, or floundered, as the case may be, so it now lies flat as a stingray against the sandy sea floor.

Witness the world from the perspective of a flounder ~ lying down with the side of your face on a pillow you find your eyes awkwardly aligned to the world – that too was the new problem of the fallen over flounder. What hour it fell I know not but know that in this new position it’s eyes were stacked on top of each other. But its eyes  since then have rotated in a small journey across the foolish face to fix the problem. It now sees horizontally again and yet its foolish mouth  has refused to be rearranged.


By fluke all Winter Flounders seem to have fallen to the left side so that all faces swivel in the same direction. Not to be confused with the Summer Flounder who fell to the right and could therefore be said to swivel in the wrong direction. Now remove an ‘e’ from ‘eyes’ and it become ‘yes’ and yes is what the foolish flopped over fish has silently said to itself. For it is clearly not worried about how foolish it now looks on the way to the next step of  evolution.

As for me I say the future flounder, ten thousand years hence, could have the look of as fine a fish as a stingray or shark. And deserves it very much for the courage and willingness to play the fool to get there


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