Neil Armstrong didn’t dream of becoming an astronaut. That career didn’t exist when he was a boy. He was going to be a test pilot but he just kept going. He kept improving and taking the next opportunity as it came. Each time a door opened he stepped through and many tasks along the way were extremely difficult. He nearly died trying.

He said, “NASA became an operating agency on October 1st, 1958. I found myself that Wednesday morning going to work at my same job, my same office, doing the same work that I’d been doing the previous day. It was a relatively easy transition. We were already riding on rockets and research aircraft. We already knew how to count backwards: “8, 7, 6, 5…

“We had merely to paint over the “C” in NACA and replace it with an “S” on our airplanes, our trucks and vans…”

He was shy. He didn’t enjoy talking. The words he chose on the moon were technical words. He was thinking about the ladder and the way it was designed. The bottom rung was too high above the surface. The ladder was too short because they didn’t know how deep the lunar module would sink into the dust when it landed on the moon. No one else would have said what he said. Not because he was charismatic, like JFK, but because he was simple and humble and probably more nervous to speak about the deed than do it. “Thats one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind”

So those small details lined up with the big ones and it was perfect.

He was exactly the right person for the job.

There are four billion years of evolution to the rear.  No one creates themselves. We fall into the influences of each other and flow like rivers through the great valley of motion around us. Like cats and dogs and dolphins we each have different potential.

You can become a perfect version of yourself if you want.

If you continued to learn the lessons, if you remained a student your entire life, if you taught yourself to become your best self what would happen? Where would it lead you?

From the universe, from life, from evolution you arise. You’re the one you’re born to be and your decisions come from that. A cat must behave like a cat or suffer extreme misery and frustration. So you act on behalf of yourself and the universe at the same time.

Life is that simple and that difficult. You don’t need to know where you’re going. Just be where you want to be today. Do what you want to do right now. And let time take care of it.

Joseph Campbell said, “follow your bliss.”


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