true love

wine glassesthe story was about words. sure that’s what stories are about.
that’s how you tell them anyway, but It’s not usually how you live them
anyway if we never spoke nothing would have happened

she passed me in the corridors of life for years
with barely a breath between us.
to say she was lovely was like saying the sun is warm.
and you can’t leave that part out

but there was another girl then who caught my attention.
someone fun and disturbed. interesting because she wasn’t ordinary.
not extraordinary. Just disturbed.

but that was nothing.

after the messy hair there are 23 hours left to play with
try to fall in love with that

those are the hours of true love
or true agony for lovers
and everything in between

disturbed is always interesting. that was fun. that was nothing.
I wanted disturbed because no one else held my attention then

That’s important to know.

future love was beautiful, sure
but she was just another pretty face with not much to say

one day her mouth opened and the words fell out
I knew her as I knew myself
23 hours. there she was
months and months of endlessly good day long conversations

true love

can you feel that without a kiss?
try to tell that to your friends
try to tell it to anyone

no one would believe me

because I’m a guy and I only have one thing on my mind
and she was beautiful
so that proves it
and that, she said, is the reason every guy falls in love with her

if I were a guy would you have fallen in love with me? she said

ha! idiot. Undeniable truth.