the myth of sex as a sin

Sex and food are the two essential factors of life. Without one you would not be born. Without the other you will die.

Is it a coincidence that both things you truly need for life give you pleasure?

Pleasure and pain are quite precise and they’re not designed to confuse you. Pain reveals wounds and incorrect actions. (dont put your finger in the candle flame). Pleasure reveals correct action. Eat food. Love yourself and others. Have sex.

dove love

Pain and pleasure are simple messages which lead in the right direction. So why do many people have negative thoughts and emotions about a positive action? Because, quite simply, we teach it to each other.

Your body is perfect in every way. It knows exactly what to do. Heart. Lungs. Hands. Why would a penis or vagina be imperfect? Why would they be designed to do things they should not be doing?

A child does not feel uncomfortable about naked bodies until the idea is taught. Does it not seem strange that we only have embarrassment about one aspect of our bodies? Through fear, our minds have chosen to come into conflict with a natural and fundamental condition of life. The result is that we feel confusion.

But the confusion is a sign that something is not quite right in our minds. Not our bodies. Do you feel confused about the purpose of your eyes, feet, or nose?

Are you confused about food?
It gives you pleasure. Do you think its a test or a temptation?
Do you think you should not eat?

Your parents created you. Sex is an act of creation.

If creation is good – then sex is good – then sex is not a sin.
Its not a temptation or a test. It’s a healthy fun activity which was also the most fundamental activity to your life.

doves love

Every mammal does it the same way and in the right season.

Our season is every season. Why? Because it’s deeply rooted in a connection to the one you love. (If not why does it break your heart to lose that one?) We’re designed to give pleasure to each other often. Just like food and love – how long can you go without the other “pleasures” which are the foundation of life?

Your parents created you with sex. Everything you’ve ever done in your life was made possible by your existence. Everyone in the world should feel comfortable talking about, and participating in, the root and foundation of our lives. Contemplate these things. Ask questions about sex and discover the roots of the myth.

Those who speak openly teach their children to be relaxed and respectful towards it – as they are towards love and food – the fundamentals of life.

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