another look at what normal means

Every animal in the world is normal.

The reason is simple: it’s not just what they have. It’s what they don’t have.

1 No self doubt
2 No inner conflict

Everyone is born with an understanding of who they are –  in every young child you see a unique personality and unique interests. No one teaches that. All a child needs is encouragement towards personal interests and no interference. That is what every kitten and puppy has. No negative thoughts about themselves or their abilities. No inner conflict about right and wrong choices or behavior.

William Shakespeare said, “be true to yourself.”

Malcolm X


Every conflicting idea and the confusion within you comes from the words you hear from others. For example during the civil rights movement in the 1960’s Malcolm X said, “Who taught you to hate the color of your skin?” You can apply that question to any part of yourself.

No one wounds themselves. When you have the wrong thought about yourself it is a wound to your thoughts and needs to be removed.

Malcolm X went on to say, “I think that you’ll find that black people in America, as they strive to throw off the shackles of mental colonialism, will also show an effort to throw off the shackles of cultural colonialism and they may begin to reflect desires of their own. With standards of their own.”

Self doubt is put in you by others. You believe it because you were taught to believe it through repetition of words. But it is only a belief created by the opinions of others. It is not a truth.


Anthony Robbins said, “Most of us have values that we didn’t design and they’re taking us in a direction that we have no clue about.”

Do you have thoughts which restrain you from becoming who you are / who you want to be? Do your values and beliefs move in harmony with what you truly need?

Look at your thoughts. What do you believe? And why do you believe it? Does it make sense? Every belief you have which is in conflict with inner truth creates an obstacle within you which prevents you from becoming your best self – That is inner conflict.

Inner truth filled you on the day you were born. You are completely unique. That is the person you are trying to find.

Ask – who am I?
Don’t ask the opinion of others. You are the only one who can answer this question. As you discover the answers discard every negative thought within you which doesnt belong to you.

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“those who act unfriendly are only reflecting the poison that someone else has put in them.” -Malcolm X.