connection – a simple look at whats been lost

There is one universal truth for all people: everyone suffers.

Suffering comes from the death of a loved one, a broken heart, a dysfunctional childhood, an abusive childhood, verbal abuse, rejection by your peers, starvation, physical disabilities, war, or a feeling of disconnection from the universe.

Suffering comes from deep wounds not the shallow ones.

The sources of suffering are universal and therefore the medicine is the same. It doesn’t matter which clothes you wear, which country you come from, which religion you follow. To heal yourself you must do the same things other people must do.

Christ and Buddha both said that heaven is within. Look within. Go as deeply as you possibly can towards self awareness. Each step in that direction takes you deeper within yourself. At the center, if you can take yourself that far, you find enlightenment. You find serenity. You find the light.

That is the key to healing yourself and all other things are distractions. The purpose of that core spiritual teaching is to put you back into harmony with yourself. A properly functioning religion teaches you the way to heal yourself when you’re wounded and restores you to a healthy heart, body, mind, and spirit. There is only one effort which can do this: it begins with self awareness – look within.

Over the centuries many minds have added new ideas and rules to that simple answer which then led to much disagreement and confusion. Remove the layers of confusion added by centuries of speculation, go back to the words of the original teachers, and you discover simplicity.

The loss of understanding of yourself is the main source of all disconnection in your life.

Look within.
The first thing you will discover is more pain. Its painful to look at the truth about yourself.

Look deeply. As you discover the unkind truths about yourself. You begin to accept those truths. Then you can be at peace with those truths. Inner peace.

Keep going…
at the very center you no longer feel lost. You are perfectly connected to yourself again.
and more…

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