Addiction – a warm place within trying not to turn cold

convent windows 1if addiction is a vacation from reality
which reality did you escape from?

from things which are real
like curiosity and imagination
or from the world made of rules
which created the box
which you’re then told to think outside of

did you escape from a world
made of incorrect perceptions of right and wrong
and adults who obey like lost children;
the ones who rewrite your nature so that it no longer feels natural

yes probably

without that world your deepest wounds wouldn’t exist

the wound is now a hunger

now you’ve found your addiction
and it speaks like inner truth
trying to fill the empty hole created by disconnection

and it takes you outside the box
because your heart is aching for it
but they’re telling you to go back in
because that’s not the way out

but the addiction connects you…

to some deeper part of yourself
which is dying to be seen and understood

your heart knows what’s been lost
but your head doesn’t know how to get back there
but your addiction is speaking of it every day

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