know what you’re looking for

can somebody help me? you’re looking for a healthy mind body and spirit

but the world is distracted by appearance
and because of this everyone is taught to be distracted

What does a healthy spirit look like?

You see it in young children and those who move in natural ways.

It has many faces

playfulness and curiosity
imagination and sorrow
effort and inspiration
boldness and flexibility
calmness or courage
truthfulness and responsibility.

Do these activities look like pride? no.

Pride is a painted eggshell. It is the image created to please others.

please help me

Appearance is the distraction

look at the list
these are the true faces you’re looking for

these faces are meaningful
because they come from within

The activities which move in harmony with your spirit
are the ones you’re looking for.

They lead towards the love of yourself.

You find the love of yourself by listening to your spirit
to discover what you need.

Know what you’re looking for
and hold the image in your mind

i need help

Look for others who have natural spirit
learn by imitation
and asking

You can’t find the love of yourself by creating the painted eggshell of pride.
Purple robes, crowns, and smiles are a show for others.
They hold your thoughts in the wrong direction – you’re distracted by the others.

Let pride be crushed out of you.

Look within. What do you need to do to find yourself?
What do you need to do to move towards the true faces of living?

Words are the surface.

Pride is the surface.

Spirit is the sea.

You are looking for

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