. . . ! ~ 30 years ago today

Denial of Holocaust Law, 5746-1986 A person who, in writing or by word of mouth, publishes any statement denying . . . the acts committed in the period of the Nazi regime .… Continue reading

How to think outside the box

Can you get outside the box without knowing the boundaries and how you came to be restrained there. What is the box? Every child is born outside the box into a universe full… Continue reading

26 miles of grass in the ocean

“Lifesaving is why we were there, of course. Thirty three ships wrecked while father was superintendent. Some people drowned but we saved most of them. They stayed next door in the Sailor’s Home… Continue reading

yoga and enlightenment

The original purpose of yoga is to teach enlightenment. So how is it that a series of stretches and postures can do such a thing? Enlightenment is letting go. Letting go of self.… Continue reading

ah, the insult

what a profound and strange game it is. to one moment be in yourself or at some other thought and in the next to be distracted and feel a rage rising up within.… Continue reading


I want to have Einstein hair. The hair that says I don’t care. But he really did care, you see. He cared about the universe and how does that compare to opinions about… Continue reading

reality and negative thought

life is painful its easy to have negative thoughts about the sources of pain in life but negative thought doesnt connect you to reality in fact it does the opposite for example: the… Continue reading

another taste of inner peace

harmony is not the absence of conflict sharks hawks and panthers are a constant source of conflict and they are also in harmony with all of nature a peaceful mind does not guarantee… Continue reading


four seasons one wheel does winter hurt it? four billion years of life one common ancestor did the five mass extinctions hurt us? the world was full three billion years ago does death hurt… Continue reading

open eyes and illusion

predators are beautiful we have great respect for them and nature knows they serve an important purpose why then, at the top of the food chain, do we fight against the vision of… Continue reading

Earth, a love story

On a warm morning in August Christopher Columbus launched several ships with some others in order to find Japan, because he knew it was over there somewhere. Maybe all sailors of old inherently… Continue reading

when next you’re knocked to the ground fix yourself with the face of a flounder and carry on

Why does a flounder flounder and why so aptly named?. In its natural habitat, not in isle five nicely packaged, the most obvious features featured are its eyes. Yes eyes. Which in a… Continue reading

emotion reveals the meaning of every experience

your mind wants to be the judge and decider of all things but emotion is a much a more powerful force in your life for example: when you feel indifferent it’s because the… Continue reading


Neil Armstrong didn’t dream of becoming an astronaut. That career didn’t exist when he was a boy. He was going to be a test pilot but he just kept going. He kept improving… Continue reading

true love

the story was about words. sure that’s what stories are about. that’s how you tell them anyway, but It’s not usually how you live them anyway if we never spoke nothing would have… Continue reading

the myth of sex as a sin

Sex and food are the two essential factors of life. Without one you would not be born. Without the other you will die. Is it a coincidence that both things you truly need… Continue reading

another look at what normal means

Every animal in the world is normal. The reason is simple: it’s not just what they have. It’s what they don’t have. 1 No self doubt 2 No inner conflict Everyone is born… Continue reading

connection – a simple look at whats been lost

There is one universal truth for all people: everyone suffers. Suffering comes from the death of a loved one, a broken heart, a dysfunctional childhood, an abusive childhood, verbal abuse, rejection by your peers,… Continue reading

Addiction – a warm place within trying not to turn cold

if addiction is a vacation from reality which reality did you escape from? from things which are real like curiosity and imagination or from the world made of rules which created the box… Continue reading

The siege of Delhi, 1857

A brief first hand account of the effects of war on a man, by the man who ordered the siege of Delhi; also known as the First War of Indian Independence (which the… Continue reading